In-app purchases enable Android, iOS & Windows

In-app purchases enable Android, iOS & Windows

Enable in-app purchases We declare for Android, iOS & Windows how to unlock the service to easily buy premium features or extras in games!

Enable in-app purchases and use premium features

In addition to apps that you have to pay in principle, now put many developers on the so-called freemium model. By this is meant that a software or app downloaded in principle free and can be used in their basic functions for free. The developers deserve only to optional features that can be booked with costs. proved particularly successful, this concept has in mobile games, with a particular degree in building games like Clash of Clans or casual games like Candy Crush Saga Download. Here special items, extra lives or effective booster charge are offered.

Enable in-app purchases on iOS

For in-app purchases on iOS entering a password or Touch ID is mandatory. The prompt can be interrupted for a maximum of 15 minutes. From the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus can enable in-app purchases instead of entering the Apple ID and password via Touch ID. To do this in iTunes & App Store in the Settings Touch ID option & Code can be selected. To make the purchase, following, only short of the Home button must be touched.

Enable in-app purchasesIn-app purchases enable on the iPhone. Images: Apple.

Enable in-app purchases on Android

Android the purchase option in the preferences of the various operating systems is already enabled. Only those who have pre-activated the lock on in-app purchases, stumbles when shopping by entering a PIN, but which can be deactivated quickly. Here’s how: In the Play Store on the menu icon for settings and selecting required authentication option for purchases. Now just follow the instructions on the display and disable the password input by the authentication setting is set to Never.

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In-app purchases enable AndroidHow it works on the Android device.

Enable in-app purchases on Microsoft

Also on the Windows Phone you do not have extra-enable in-app purchases. Who turns on the PIN entry, but can turn off quickly after this. For this, the settings of the Windows Phone stores are open on the three dots at the bottom of the display. Here, the setting made can be undone.

Note on in-app purchases

Those who want to enable in-app purchases, should advance to be sure who has access to the appropriate user account. The spending just with freemium games can quickly grow immeasurably. The protection via PIN provides a great way to circumvent such financial risks. Ultimately the entry of a password also not a great amount of time users are therefore guaranteed on the safe side and avoid unpleasant surprises at the next mobile phone bill.