Portrait Professional enhances in four steps portraits of one or more persons substantially. The operation differs markedly from known airbrush or image editing programs.

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In order not to stand helpless as users - who knows exactly which details for best results should be improved - supports a knowledge base with helpful information about the human ideal of beauty. So you marked as directed by a few crucial points on the face of the model, adjustments Referring now easily before using the slider. These are the main areas face shape, skin, eyes, mouth & Nose, hair, skin exposure and some general image adjustments ready. The individual areas are themselves divided into several controllers for details how to remove pores, smooth skin and so on. The adjustment possibilities are diverse and extend from the change of the face shape to the retouching of wrinkles and of course the skin cleanser ClearSkin.

Portrait Professional Download

In the trial of Portrait Professional, the optimized portrait photos can not be saved. In addition, the images are provided with a watermark. Portrait Professional looks good while improving portrait photos. The big brother, the Portrait Professional Studio, extends the functionality of a simplified batch processing, RAW import from the digital camera, support for color profiles and integration with Photoshop as a plug. By the way: Portrait Professional also works when more than one face is in the picture. So even recordings of pairs or groups can perfect quick and easy.

Limitations of Portrait Professional

Edited portraits can not be saved.