With GoIP a free alternative to the future fee-based service is available DynDNS. As the bedrock and the manufacturer offers PC users to static IP addresses. This especially be helpful if you want to access travel via the Internet to computers, routers, or similar devices. Also for operating a web server from your home PC are fixed IP addresses useful. GoIP provides for such purposes on a complimentary basis several such addresses per user, which benutzer.goip.de in the form are achievable and can be expanded with up to 15 subdomains. For setup and management of domains is GoIP a clear web interface. There they organized subdomains, wearing new IP addresses manually when needed, and updates it for all domains. This task alternatively done and the Java-based client that is also found in the download area. This is also used in routers are used, which do not allow the free configuration of update URLs. According GoIP this applies currently to only the Speedport W923 V whose firmware needs to be for the use of clients on the current state of affairs. Also in the download area is a script ready, which, however, is suitable only for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Here, the information on user name and password must be adjusted manually. More information about DynDNS can be found incidentally in our Freeware.de software blog. As an alternative to GoIP to DynDNSs offers. There is indeed the updater only for a fee, but but this service is updated manually changed IP addresses in real time.