DXF Editor

DXF Editor

This DXF Editor Download one of the CAD programs, which are used for technical drawings. The small tool allows you to create and edit drawings. The basis of the shareware is the DXF format – thus loss of quality of the drawings can be prevented when opened. Working with the editor is done in two-dimensional area.

Professional drawings thanks DXF Editor Download

Since there are many sectors and disciplines in which the demand for software is particularly large for technical drawings, the range of 3D & CAD Freeware correspondingly diverse. The users come from different fields, such as architecture and civil engineering. But also in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering CAD programs such as DXF Editor download are highly in demand. Compared to other tools of this type of editor is very simple. Both the user interface and the feature set are manageable. This means that the small drawing tool especially for young professionals or students is. This download is a demo version of the editor. The full version is available from the manufacturer for almost 40 euros.

DXF Editor Download

The special features of DXF Editor

Even if the program fails relatively narrow compared to large suites and 3D solutions, yet there is all the necessary functions required for technical drawings on board. First, not only new drawings from scratch can be made, the import is also possible. Thus, Open started or finished drawings effortlessly into the program and continue working there users. What makes the DXF is Editor download is that it is based directly on the DXF format. That is, go when you open existing drawings no details or properties lost. As is dispensed with an import or export to DXF format that works retain their quality at 100 percent.

Function range of CAD software

The user can work in the CAD tool as usual in different levels and assign to these, different individual elements levels. Thus, the positions of individual components can move freely. It can also be assigned to the objects, a color, and the style and the thickness of the lines can be freely selected. For example, dashed or dotted lines can be used. The user is to insert the drawing in a position various objects. The range extends from polylines (polylines), radiation and construction lines over rectangles and polygons to ellipses, arcs and B-spline curves. But also points, surfaces, arrows, and text can be integrated via the tool box. Those who prefer to work without predefined objects, of course, can also use the Freehand tool. All objects can copy themselves, move, delete, rotate and scale. Finished drawings can be output subsequently when required on the plotter or printer. Drawing program for 2D drawings in DXF format The download from DXF Editor brings a well-to-use and stocked with enough features drawing tool on the PC. With simple interface and great features to quickly achieve the desired results. However, the tool only recognizes DXF ingredients and a 3D representation is missing.

Limitations of DXF Editor

The trial version is limited to five program starts.