Of the GWX Control Panel Download, previously by the manufacturer as "GWX stopper" called, ensures that users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 no longer permanently with the "'Get Windows 10 Icon" be confronted. This can be eliminated quickly and easily with the freeware. The Windows 10 upgrade icon in the taskbar is simply hidden by pressing a button.

suppress 10 advertising with the GWX Control Panel Download Microsoft Windows

Those who do not or not yet want to upgrade from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 to the new operating system Windows 10 generation, may be a little annoyed by the constant related requests from Microsoft. An icon suggests itself in the system tray and constantly reminded that a migration to Windows is advised 10th This can be removed temporarily or permanently with the GWX Control Panel. In addition, the freeware offers the possibility of unwanted Windows 10 upgrades to suppress the Windows Update area of ​​Control Panel.

GWX Control Panel Download

The alerts can be activated at any time

The GWX Control Panel offers an equally simple yet clean interface and is very easy to use. Important to know: The Windows 10 icon and associated notifications can be restored on demand at any time if it the user should change his mind and in due time but a move to Windows 10 is desired.

Windows eliminate 10 icon with the GWX stopper download temporarily or permanently

The user interface of GWX stopper download is only available in English. At the top is a small, free tool the two questions "Is Get Windows 10 App running?" and "Is Get Windows 10 App enabled?", Those who see the Windows 10 icon on the taskbar, can answer these questions confidently with a yes and must not change. Click on the Close button Get Windows 10 App (temporarily remove icon), the small Windows 10 disappears icon promptly from the system tray. However, it is just in the short term and can be seen again on the next boot.

GWX Control Panel Download GWX stopper

Who does not want this and want to permanently remove the icon and the associated upgrade prompts, click the Disable Get Windows 10 App (permanently remoce icon). Henceforth there will be no further requests from Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 10th After a new load of GWX Control Panel, the Enable Get Windows button can now be seen 10 app, about which one could do anything to reverse so that the Windows 10 icon again on the taskbar in Windows 7, would be 8 or 8.1 occur. Many other system utilities for free download are available in our software catalog.