With a smile and a look of TV commercials clearing premiums will not work? But goes – with the TVSMILES app. Users of the quiz app can use the virtual currency, so the smiles, not only by solving quizzes acquire, but also through TV commercials, which are recognized by the app. The purpose of Smiles gathering is to replace them at some point in premiums. The TVSMILES app is the smartphone app for all premiums hunters, quizzes and television fans. Free quiz games and apps for download abound. But unlike most other games you will be rewarded by this app for television and advertising watching.

TVSMILES App Download

TVSMILES app recognizes TV commercials on clay

Within the app, there are several TVSMILES quiz or playing cards. There are both TV spot trading card that automatically fill up as soon as a TV spot is detected, as well as playing cards, where you find a specific TV commercial and must then resolve to match the spot tasks. There is also playing cards that provide additional Smiles, if one solves puzzles and games, and answered the questions correctly. The app automatically detects the selected TV commercials at the sound via TV Detection. Fits to have to do different tasks to the spot, such as a quiz, a small survey or even a game. the user called Avatars will be credited for each completed task, the virtual currency within the TVSMILES app. Here changes permanent, which commercials are detected.

TVSMILES app screenshot

Quiz app available for Android and iOS

So who was previously the commercial breaks on TV always rather annoyed, it can now use to collect the TVSMILES app for Android devices Avatars to turn redeem them in the premium shop. The current Smiles credit appear both on top of the home screen as well as on the profile page of the user. Apart from the Android App in our download area there is also the app TVSMILES iPad or iPhone TVSMILES for iOS devices.

Smiles are exchanged in the premium shop

In the premium shop the user the Avatars can exchange at any time, for example, in vouchers or in property premiums. The vouchers and merchandise awards are then sent by mail. To select about coupons that are sent as code online email are (including Amazon, Zalando, Best Choice), or merchandise awards of H&M; or Media Markt. However, a payment of Smiles in cash is not possible. The Avatars are generally valid for 12 months. However, one should not been too long with the redemption, because the TVSMILES GmbH reserves the right to delete Avatars of users that have been inactive for more than three months and the App have not opened at least once. Quiz app for premium hunters Who already likes to watch TV, now has the opportunity, to use the often perceived as annoying commercial breaks productive, say, dust off vouchers and merchandise awards. Surely the whole has a commercial background. Users are encouraged to watching advertising spots, products will be advertised and collected relevant to the market research data. However, this is done without always traced back to individual users, but always in the form of anonymous usage statistics. So what? Nowhere else Market Research is so much fun and nowhere else you will be rewarded with comparable coupons and merchandise awards.