Overview of group chats lost? Then read here how the Change group picture with WhatsApp leaves! Also: 20 ingenious & free templates!

Who was invited to various group chat after the download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS, or even common conversations has created easy to lose track, in which group just who is. Easy to maintain our control when assigning the individual chats individual images.

Group picture WhatsApp ChangeGroup picture WhatsApp change and keep track of chats. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Step by step to change a group picture with WhatsApp

To adjust the group pictures, proceed as follows:

  1. open the group chat, which is to obtain an image.
  2. From the main menu select the group Info option (behind the three dots).
  3. Now hold the magnified image (not on the pencil icon) type.
  4. On the lower level is a menu from which an image source can be selected opens.
  5. Here select the folder in which the image has been saved.
  6. Select an image, if necessary, adjust the cut and save it.

change step by step group picture WhatsAppSo you proceed when you want to change a group picture in WhatsApp. (Screenshot: Editorial)

The best and most original specifications to change a group picture WhatsApp, has incidentally our gallery:

20 original WhatsApp group pictures

20 original WhatsApp group pictures

The WhatsApp group pictures make each chat unmistakable. Download the appropriate format & every conversation is unique!

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But in principle can be any image - whether photo or download - use to define a unique profile picture instead of the gray placeholder. However, this then see all the other members of the conversation. Anyone who wants to change his group picture with WhatsApp, so you should make sure that he takes anyone by his selection to his feet. If but someone should complain, you can always delete the selected image again or replace it with another - and even if you are not the administrator of the group chat.

What to do if the group chats nerves?

be so convenient to family, friends or colleagues can be reached in one fell swoop. Group chats can also be annoying - especially when it comes to the planning of stag parties. Although you can a group at any time to leave, but then no longer up to date - quite apart from offended contacts. However, there is a way for someone without one can escape the continuous ringing to offend: The group chats can in fact be mute - either for eight hours a week or a year. In addition one must complete the following steps:

  1. Select the group chat to be muted.
  2. open the menu (behind the three dots) and turn the Mute option here choose.
  3. In the window that opens, select the desired time frame.
  4. In addition, the alerts for this chat can be disabled. Simply remove the check mark in the appropriate box.
  5. confirm the operation with OK and you have peace and quiet tip end before occupancy sensors.

Change group image WhatsApp chat and turn muteAnnoying group chats can be muted with a few clicks. (Screenshot: Editorial)