Of the SharpEye download brings a small program for musicians on the home PC. The tool is, as the name suggests, with a sharp eye, therefore, makes it possible to scan complex Sheet music with many orchestral parts. Marks will not only be digitized so they can be also also save the same as MIDI files.

SharpEye Download to digitize all scores

The selection of software for music production from small digital metronomes and learning software about recording studios and DJ software to optical touch recognition (OMR). The latter is also the main task of this program. Optical Music Recognition or Optical Music Recognition, is a method in the notes, which are present in printed form, digitized. Unlike the recognition of text, the spatial arrangement of all parameters such as notes, fingering, intonation and dynamics is an important aspect when reading notes. On sheets of music you can find elements that move parallel forward that must be taken into account when detecting. Once was first researched in the 1960s in this direction, there are now a variety of scanning programs that accomplish this task. By downloading SharpEye musicians get just such a program on the home computer.

SharpEye download

System requirements for the grade scanning software

The scanner can handle most Windows versions, even with the older problems. Nevertheless, it is recommended to install the tool on XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8th are provided further 5 MB of hard disk and a scanner with Twain interface, with most modern scanners are compatible with Twain. To play MIDI files created, a MIDI sequencer is needed. but a simple MIDI Player is available for Windows.

SharpEye scans scores reliably

As already indicated, the tool makes the process of note recognition optical advantage to Sheet music – reliable digitize – regardless of their complexity. SharpEye is not only able to scan sheet music, the software can also recognize and read image files such as TIFF and BMP files. Thanks to the powerful process all note symbols can be reliably detected, special characters are not a problem. In addition, the SharpEye download can recognize text elements. Subsequently, scanned scores or scanned image files into MIDI, MusicXML or NIFF files can convert.

SharpEye Download surface

User-friendly software for making music

The music software is extremely easy to handle. The reading of image formats can drag & Drop done. Simply insert to scan the desired sheet, scan, done. The scanned page appears in a new window and can be saved by clicking the desired format. If the user still wants to make changes to the music notation later, this is also possible. The integrated editor error of note detection can be corrected or other ratings are changed. However, if a change does not make sense, a warning by a kind of music spell check. Little helper for digitizing music If you have a large collection of sheet music with concerts and musical scores, this can digitize effortlessly using SharpEye download. The tool is reliable and provides the user no major challenges, neither with respect to technical equipment nor knowledge.

Limitations of SharpEye

The trial version is operational 30 days.