master level by level clever: Roll the ball Solutions

Some of the Roll the ball Solutions are pretty tricky. Who does not come on at the popular brain-teaser in the total of 420 level and after rolling the ball download needs some help, should continue to read here. We show all Roll the ball cheats as YouTube videos. Try it now yourself!

Roll the ball Solutions: All levels in the video guide

The game app Roll the ball has with increasing round quite a kick. Who fails to identify all Roll the ball solutions even in spite of fuming heads, is the salvation hereafter. With Roll the ball a brain-teaser comes with enormous addictive mobile devices. The varied rounds are ideal for both beginners and Tüftelfreunde. The Roll the ball app remembers at first glance to the sliding puzzles from childhood. The virtual version is, however, much more difficult to solve, at least in the higher level.

Roll the ball Solutionsmaster level after level of the app with the Roll the ball solutions.

Fascinating game with a simple gameplay

It is in Roll the ball around a fascinating game with a simple gameplay. The player has the task to create a path by the displacement of blocks on which a ball rolls freely into the target from the starting point. Not all blocks available having to be used. In each round, there are up to 15 blocks that can be moved in all directions, provided free fields adjacent.

The inventors tried to solve the goal with as few moves to get hold three stars at best. Number Oak Level with unexpected challenges await it on the Puzzle artists. Currently there are seven packages, from beginners through to Pack Challenge Pack with 60 levels. As expected, the level of difficulty increases progressively and there are additional barriers such as time limits or rotating elements are used.

Roll the ball cheat codes for all seven Level Packs

Anyone who does not come on at a level that can either be purchased through in-app purchases instructions or refer to our Roll the ball solutions. We provide below the complete walkthrough of all level packs available as a YouTube video. The Roll the ball cheats thus perform all packs and levels of learning the game. Each package contains 60 levels, in which you can collect up to 180 stars. The first rounds can certainly be solved even without assistance, but in the higher level it is quite tricky.

Roll the ball Beginner Pack Solutions

Roll the ball Talented Pack Solutions

Roll the ball Medium Pack Solutions

Roll the ball Skilled Pack Solutions

Roll the ball Hard Pack Solutions

Roll the Ball Moving Pack Solutions

Roll the Ball Challenge Pack Solutions