Print pages to Pdf fixed web pages from the Internet in PDF format. The free Firefox extension converts web pages from selected bookmarks, open tabs or scrapbook into a PDF document. Print pages to Pdf integrated itself as a virtual printer driver in Mozilla Firefox. Before the 'pressure' or saving a document Adobe Reader, the user can adjust various output options such as paper size, spacing and the like. In addition, each printed page with customizable headers and footers can be provided. Unwanted content such as advertising LEVERAGING be removed before converting the websites. Alternatively, the helper ensures only the text content of websites. The selection of the sites takes place at Print pages to Pdf a context menu of bookmarks, website or Scrapbookliste. Central Apart bookmarks, links and tabs can be dragged into the open conversion window by dragging and dropping. Print pages to Pdf makes websites on the Internet simply archivable PDF documents. Good: The conversion process is completely locally to protect the privacy of the user.