Easy Gastro POS software

Easy Gastro POS software

With the Download the Easy Gastro POS software get restaurateurs a useful software which decreases them in daily business much work. Since the POS system supports a variety of hardware, processes can be optimized in the restaurant or café. The result: relief for service personnel and more satisfied guests.

Modern gastronomy, thanks to Easy Gastro POS software download

Always with the backdrop of “The guest is king” to restaurateurs strive every day to make it to their guests right. Friendly and fast service, the nuts and bolts are in the industry, especially when the restaurant is full to bursting to the last chair, waiters, cooks and bar staff come in rowing. To meet the needs of guests in this very critical moments, there are advanced systems to provide optimized workflows. Easy Gastro POS software belongs to download exactly these systems. As can be seen in the broad range of ERP software, the need for specific industry solutions is enormous. also in the restaurant business since Erleicherungen are very welcome at the end, this system for restaurants, bars and Co is highly recommended.

Easy Gastro POS software download

Easy Gastro POS software leaves nothing to be desired

With the holiday download the user receives the test version of the tool. The user interface is optimized for touch screen devices, but can also use mouse to. The POS system supports a variety of hardware and mobile devices. Say, it can be used on mobile ordering systems and PC cash registers. It also provides the interface between all devices and therefore integrated printer, barcode scanner and receipt printer, which are used both at the counter and in the kitchen for use.

POS system with user-friendly Oberlfäche

The surface of the POS system is optimally designed for use in restaurants. Thanks hierarchy and self-explanatory commands and buttons, the user will find along well after a short training period. Good handling and the graphical representation of the tables makes. The system allows to fill up to nine virtual rooms with tables. Thus, indoors and outdoors can be integrated well. Service staff can use it to take orders, which are then forwarded by the system to the bar or kitchen via receipt printing.

Easy Gastro POS software download management table

ERP software with helpful features Gastro

In addition to taking orders, the splitting of bills and billing of tables and comfortable Reservations can be managed with the POS system. In addition, the download of Easy Gastro POS software creates the required day the tax office receipts at the end of the film. These can be printed out immediately if required, but will also be archived. Especially useful: The program includes a backup module to prevent loss of important data in case of system crash. Not want to miss the software restaurateurs Service forces such as the Easy Gastro POS software download have worked once with such a POS system will never enter it again out of hand. By automatic forwarding of orders, the user saves a lot of roads and has more time for the guest.

Limitations of Easy Gastro POS software

14 days trial version, which is limited to 30 program starts.