The Skype Group Chat: Find it!

The Skype Group Chat: Find it!

The Skype group chat allows friends to chat across borders & to talk on the phone. Quickly set up chats & endless blather! Of the Skype group chat makes it possible to communicate with several friends, relatives and colleagues simultaneously and easily. Since then, the Messenger in his free Skype download his offer has made free with respect to video calling also for groups, nothing speaks against it, bring the whole family or friends over long distances.

Instructions for Skype group chat

In the following step is explained step how a group chat can be started up. For this, however, some technical requirements must be met. Skype group chat

Technical requirements for the Group Chat

For Skype group chat following hardware and software is required:

  • an Internet-capable computer with preferably a broadband connection or
  • a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet
  • Skype software that can be downloaded for free here
  • a fully furnished Skype account with the contact details of all participants in the group chats
  • a webcam
  • a connected headset including microphone or
  • Speaker and microphone
    If text messages will only be replaced, the last three points are not needed. Maximum can participate in the group chat up to 25 people – but Skype recommends a group size of no more than 5 people to ensure an optimal chat experience.

So the chat for up to 25 people working

The Skype group chat can be started without additional software within the Skype program. For this purpose, the following steps must be followed: 1&# 46; Step: First, the messenger must be started. 2&# 46; Step: In the upper left menu, select contacts option. Creating a Skype group chat 3&# 46; Step: There, the menu item New group conversation. 4&# 46; Step: It opens a new area above the chat window. There can now drag & Drop contacts the group to be added. Skype group chat drag & amp; drop 5&# 46; Step: Now you can send messages to all group members, send files or share contacts. 6&# 46; Step: Click here for a video chat simply call Group. In Group Chat, all functions are available, which are also found in normal chat. The group conversation can also be saved using the context menu as favorite. So that it is also for future chats directly. If you forget to add a contact, this can easily via the plus sign, which is located above the chat window, are made up. Skype group chat add