Auto Window Manager starts programs in a given size and sets its position firmly. The user decides whether the freeware software performs minimized or take in the tray. Other configuration options give the user full control over the behavior of windows. No matter whether it is in the relevant program to the mail client, browser, word processing or instant messenger. Auto Window Manager maximized or minimized fixed program window automatically and sends them into the System Tray. In addition, the window professional governs the transparency from 0 to 100 percent. But that's not enough. Auto Window Manager ensures that window remain in place, this can be for example in the top center of the screen. Furthermore, important programs remain by "stay on top" always in the foreground. Practical: Auto Window Manager automatically updates the Internet Explorer window. Unruly windows are history thanks to Auto Window Manager of the past. The window has helper programs in their virtual barriers. They appear only as requested by the user space with a given behavior.