Of the Kerbal Space Program Download makes the childhood dream of personal space program on the PC at least virtually a reality. With free rocket simulator would-be astronauts can build their own rockets and send into space. The player takes command in Kerbal Space Center and cares alone directed to the planning of space missions, the rocket design and control of the missiles.

Kerbal Space Program download for virtual astronauts

Kerbal Space Program does not drive the simulation of reality to the extreme. According to the modular system tinkering of drive stages with solid or liquid fuel, detachable boosters and other components own rockets, including astronaut capsule. If the rocket pointing to the launch pad, you have to place the aircraft into space successfully. Only those who choose, among other things, the firing order and the distribution of the engines properly, makes the leap into weightlessness.

Kerbal Space Program Download

Sophisticated missile designs from individual components

For a variety of items such as command capsules, engines, control aids and landing legs of the virtual astronaut manufactures its missile structures or aircraft. The wide range of components allows a wide variety of missions, from the moon landing to the construction of space stations. First, the player chooses his specific goal, such as landing on a particular planet with subsequent return. After that, he tries to find a suitable design and determines the appropriate route for his flying object. Several missions can also be operated simultaneously.

Kerbal Space Program is cooperating with the US space agency NASA

Every beginning is difficult. After this Kerbal Space Program Download and installation are at the beginning of the game only simple spacecraft components. Various scientific experiments ensure that gradually a technology tree new components provides. The player can discover in Kerbal Space Program also asteroid, explore and distracted to make his missions successfully. There is even a collaboration with the American aerospace agency NASA.

Kerbal Space Program Download NASA

Completed orders fill the balance

As in real life are not provide unlimited funds. Therefore, the player has to act economically and pay attention to how much cash costs each part. He can accept orders as you desire and will receive upon successful fulfillment of new funds. When failures but suffers reversed the reputation and space budget.

Replica of our solar system with Earth as Kerbin

acts as the central star of the system "The Sun", also "Kerbol" called. This sun is orbited by various fictitious celestial bodies and moons that bear among others, the names Moho, Eve, Gilly, Kerbin and Mun. It is a replica of our solar system. Kerbin example, describes the Earth and Moon the Earth's moon, Mars and Duna Jool Jupiter.

Kerbal Space Program Download missions

Exciting orbit flight around the blue planet

Failed to start or faulty designs in missile design inevitably lead to the destruction of the rocket and the digital death of pixels occupation. For those that penetrate into space, will be rewarded with an orbit flight around the blue planet. Finally, you have to return the astronauts via re-entry into the atmosphere healing to the earth's surface in order to successfully complete the mission. Those looking for more flight simulators to free download, will find in our extensive software catalog.

Limitations of Kerbal Space Program

In the demo version, the playing time is shortened.