FRITZBox Fon WLAN 7112 Firmware

FRITZBox Fon WLAN 7112 Firmware

The current FRITZ! Box Fon WLAN 7112 Firmware extends the functionality of the popular FRITZBox 7112, the thing already is now getting on in years. According to AVM the support via phone and email for the device has already been set, because it is no longer part of the current offer. The more important it is that the user einspielt the new firmware. The update is already improving existing features or integrated new features.

FRITZ! Box 7112 firmware download fixes a serious vulnerability

The FRITZ! Box 7112 connects computers to the DSL line and provides a wireless access point, the opportunity to operate their own computer wirelessly to your DSL connection. Especially in terms of security has in the current FRITZ! Box 7112 Firmware Download some did. Thus, among other things, unauthorized access possibility fixed to the FRITZBox. In addition, the user now has a user interface with a much more informative start page. Other improvements include support for FRITZ! App Fon for iPhone / iOS and Android and the new safety standards DNSSEC.

Numerous improvements in the telephony functions

In the field of telephony AVM reports many improvements in the current firmware. New features include the SIP registrar for FRITZ! App Fon and IP phones, as well as the retrieval of FRITZ! Box phone book and call list. have been added also adjustable election rules for up to 20 Internet phone numbers. Furthermore, the establishment of telephone numbers and telephony devices have been simplified and the vendor selection for Internet telephony as well as expanded information on quality assurance faxes over VoIP. It is worth mentioning in the area of ​​telephony, finally, the optimized interoperability fax (T.38).

FRITZ! Box 7112 Firmware Download

FRITZ! Box 7112 firmware supports new safety standards

Compatibility with various DSL connections has been improved. New Internet features are support for the DNSSEC security standards and an updated and expanded selection of Internet service providers. As another system features the latest firmware AVM finally called the improved network overview with online status, the enhanced TR-064 interface for FRITZ! Box applications, optimizing the DHCP server to support subnets and adding new MAC addresses with a fixed IP address. For more drivers from the manufacturer AVM for free download in our software offering. New paint and fixes security holes With the FRITZ! Box 7112 firmware download keeping its own Fritz box up to date. As always, it is worth a new FRITZ! Box firmware einzuspielen. The update for the FRITZ! Box 7112 evaluates the already somewhat older model by AVM to well. Visually, a lot has changed. The user interface now offers easier navigation and an updated layout.