3D Chess Game

3D Chess Game

3D Chess Game brings a powerful chess computer on the home screen of Windows 8. With the free app can win fans of the royal game specifically improve your play in games against the computer. Also games against human opponents can deliver on the virtual chessboard.

3D Chess Game Download: chess games in three dimensions

3D Chess Game players consider the checkered checkered black and white of a variable 3D perspective. Use the mouse or by touch screen gestures to change the viewing angle in a snap. In addition, the distance to the board in several steps can be taken out and zoom in. Realistic 3D models of characters, smooth animations of the individual chess moves and flawless audio effects please eyes and ears.

3D Chess Game Download

Strong AI for beginners, intermediate and advanced

in the 3D Chess Game Download puts a strong game AI computer opponents. Artificial Intelligence can be variably adjusted in 25 steps for beginners, advanced and professional chess players. In the higher levels that AI can calculate dozens of chess moves in advance. What solutions the computer is ‘think through’ 3D Chess Game visualized by red, jumping around the field.

Chess games against the computer or human

3D Chess Game Players have a choice of games of chess against the computer AI or a human opponent. Anyone who wants can also track matches between two computer players as spectators and analyze step by step.

Timed Mode, Tutorial and variable undo function

The free 3D Chess Game features two gaming modes: Normal chess games without time limit the Spielzugdauer and so-called ‘time chess’. All games on the freeware log train for train and stores them on request. This completed chess games can be at a later date for their own game analyzes bring forth.

3D Chess Game Download

In single-player mode, many failed moves can be personalized with the variable undo function arbitrarily withdraw. An English tutorial completes the free chess program.

Free chess program with attractive 3D graphics

3D Chess Game collects both visually and playfully quite a few points. The board can be rotated in three dimensions in the precisely right viewing angle at any time. The built-in statistical functions and play computer opponents provide a good training effect for ambitious chess player.