Is legal or dangerous? 2023

Is legal or dangerous?

Series include many today to the leisure life just to – “binge-watching”, ie the excessive watching a series that everyone is talking about. No wonder you are always looking for new sources – also at no charge. But the popular site legal or even dangerous? The wonder many who on and his associates were traveling already and but are afraid of warnings or a nasty virus by dubious advertising and consider now to use the download. We clarify. legalInfinite series, everything your heart desires: But is legal? (Image: Screenshot Legal or not?

Are not we all a bit serial crazy? The latest episode Better Call Saul or the release date of the next Game of Thrones Season now determine all the conversations. Only those who are up to date, can have a say.

But that’s not always so easy. Series and movies are split in German Online Stream Landscape: one series is only available from Netflix, the other only on Amazon, another it does not yet exist in this country – or the old episodes will be very retro currently on television.

This is where sites like to – a page that has completely specialized only in series – and many of them. quasi offers everything your heart desires – on one platform. In this series stream functions only as a collection of links and thus a gateway to the world Stream – the actual contents are not there, but on other sites. And that is precisely what the site operators safeguard also. Because principle is to upload and make available such content without the necessary licenses in Germany (and also in other parts of the world) illegal.

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Legal gray area slides into illegality

Ie: Actually is legal – but actually not. The portal itself must exist. Only the additional links to content are legally not allowed. Users who rely on this free streaming, moved in Germany so far in a legal gray zone. Since you own nothing uploads again, one can not theoretically be prosecuted – but who knows if you can not but end up somewhere where you – as it was with Torrent content and is – not yet re-uploads a part of a streamed movie. And that then makes you liable to prosecution. legally selectionThe selection is huge – with the right things but that can not go alone for licensing reasons. (Image: Screenshot Series Stream)

In addition, the European Court has recently decided that now make users of such pure streaming content punishable. The ECJ ruling states: "The playback of copyrighted works on certain media players is exempted from the reproduction right." Said clearly: Your Utilizes a player that holds add-ons that allow access to illegal streaming sites, you’re out of the gray area. Actually, it was about a certain external player – but basically says this decision is that a user then illegally behaves when he knows that the stream was made illegal in the net. And that should be clear to all users free sites like or Say: Even if there is nothing against the portal itself – in principle should not be assumed that the use and especially not the backgrounds of are legal. Although a warning wave is (for now!) Not to be expected because the portals usually do not store IP addresses – and only these could be traced back to you – but if they servers are checked once again (like once with could at least be registered Premium users turn.

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Are there alternatives?

So it’s always special care with free content. On the safe side you are only if your legal (but also, unfortunately, often paid) streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime video uses. but the monthly cost can certainly share with others and then hold strongly within limits – still cheaper than buying DVDs and Blurays. legal alternativesAlso on YouTube as a legal alternative, there are several series. (Picture: pixabay)

In addition, there are also free streaming portals that show the contents other than legally – because they have the rights for it or the licenses are old or otherwise freely available easily. These include firstly the media libraries of publicly-owned media institutions or sites like YouTube or even where there are sometimes entire series seasons. Granted, the offer is very limited, but here are several pieces of gold to be found. However, you have to annoy with commercials. After all, but these are rare perverse and dangerous-sounding nature.

enter into risk – which is of dubious advertising?

but who nevertheless can not do without the latest series and movies and also want to support non-production companies, actors, screenwriters and Co., has also made sufficient thought about the possible consequences (we warned you!) and even though resort to gray areas Alternatives want because " legal enough" acts, is facing another problem: dubious advertising and virus warnings.

Here trod actually long a slightly different way than, say, top dog or popular Burning Series Download Where both sides are peppered with advertisements from the outset that certainly acts as a deterrent and more in the category “perverse and dangerous effect” falls , the site of serial stream per se was free of advertising. legal advertisingPopular Series instead of advertising – but completely ad-free is not serial stream. At the latest on the hosting sites you will possibly even showered with dubious stuff. (Image: Screenshot

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A step further: Hoster are not ad-free

However, you are also not protected against very mysterious advertising and strange, suddenly no longer wegklickbaren pages. Since you will for each stream to a different page, called Hoster, forwarded, just this side is then responsible for the on-screen banner. A Adblocker can remedy this situation.

And even if your advertising on the page will rarely see even today – not wegklickbare and creepy virus warnings, or pages that you want to impose a plugin, there are also here. The Adblocker help – and otherwise easily, quickly call up the Task Manager and close all pages.

but remember to use the Adblocker only for those pages, so you will continue to support you important websites that rely on advertising and finance that.

Conclusion: invest some Lieber

We conclude: So you come without creepiness not gone on this page. Permalink collection is legal – but the content provided the hoster are not. You make their way through the pure surfing on the side not punishable streaming on the linked pages was legally but gray areas lining and also applies for an ECJ decision as a criminal offense. And dubious advertising can you indeed largely block with Adblockern. But who wants to be sure of catching viruses and Trojans, and also wants to support the film and television world a little and wants to move on completely legal grounds, should definitely take up licensing laws acceptable alternatives to Netflix and Co.. from "Gray areas streaming" we advise you up from the above-mentioned reasons.