install Viber – A Guide

install Viber goes on all Android devices with Internet access. This works even without active SIM card. How it works? Find out now!

The VoIP provider Viber is not so widespread in Germany, while the software is a good alternative to many popular messengers. The good thing: Unlike the market leader not a separate user account must be set up a SIM to be inserted here. The download of the Viber app and the use of the service are free. This is true not only for communication between users of the app, but for all sent to the service short messages. Viber Installinstall Viber - Here's how! (Picture: Viber Media Inc.)

install Viber - even without a SIM card

Before we start with the unlimited communication, you must first install Viber. For this purpose, a simple Internet connection, because the software does not rely on a working SIM card. Thus the Messenger on Android devices running, the following steps must be performed.

  1. Step: To install to the Viber APK must be downloaded.
  2. Step: After the file is downloaded, it is in the device download folder.
  3. Step: The APK file can be opened from there. The Welcome page appears.
  4. Step Two: The Messenger will ask for an authorization to access the address book of the device. If one agrees, the Messenger automatically synchronize all contact information.
  5. Step: Now country and phone number must be entered. To the Installing Viber also satisfies a landline number. Even with smartphones the number does not match the SIM card. An installation on devices without SIM is equally possible. The main thing you have a phone at hand.
  6. Step: After entering the number in the pop-up window must be confirmed again. The Messenger provider then sends an SMS with an activation code.
  7. Step: The access code must be entered in the appropriate window again. the number of mobile phones has been entered, the Messenger can be used immediately. Users with landline number have four steps ahead.
  8. Step: Who has entered a fixed connection, must follow the link under the activation code and is passed to a new page. install Viber Step 8(Screenshot: Viber Media Inc./Redaktion)
  9. Step: On the new page, the phone number must be confirmed retrieve code again, so that is activated an automatic call. Here the user between different languages ​​to choose from. Before the button is clicked, you should be in the vicinity of the phone and offer something to write.
  10. Step: The phone will ring and a computer voice is by the number sequence with which can be installed Viber.
  11. Step: After placing this code is entered in the window to step 7. the VoIP service can now be used. Have fun! install Viber Step 11(Screenshot: Viber Media Inc./Redaktion)