Dxtory records videos of OpenGL and DirectX based applications. The screen capture tool is particularly suitable for the absorption of games.

Dxtory Download: Video recording tool for up to eight audio tracks

Sometimes you be able to abfilmen games from the screen wants to, for example, uploading a YouTube video. Dxtory taps into the OpenGL interface and handles all OpenGL applications, especially games, on. In addition to the moving image, the tool also records up to eight audio tracks.

Dxtory download

Dxtory is particularly suitable for use on low-performance computers, since it makes do with few resources. Praiseworthy is that the demo version has no recording limit. For this, however, a watermark appears. The video recording tool Dxtory stores the recorded movies in AVI or RawCap format. The user can make settings in terms of video quality and the male soundtracks.

Limitations of Dxtory

&# 45; Watermark in the demo &# 45; Purchase Note at end of program