Mother's Day Sayings

Mother’s Day Sayings

On 14 May 2017 Mother’s Day! Our Mother’s Day sayings Download contains funny and profound sayings and poems for the great day of honor all moms. A small award or a real poem make known to each card for Mother’s good. Here are the most beautiful and creative in a PDF collection.

Mother’s Day sayings download for sending via text message or e-mail

Mothers are known to have a very special joy when they receive from their loved ones a fitting motto for Mother’s Day, best in beautiful handwriting on a map. Sometimes it may be a longer poem too, with the sender his mom a pleasure ready. If you prefer instead of his handwriting modern means of communication, sends his Mother’s Day saying by SMS, email or via one of the social networks. In whatever way the greeting is passed, it will arrive certainly good in the best mother of all.

Mother's Day sayings DownloadMother’s Day sayings Download with funny and profound sayings and poems for the big day of honor all moms (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Well-stocked sayings collections as PDF documents

We have collected the best and most loving sayings and poems for Mother’s Day cards, letters and e-mails. These are, so that the user can copy individual quotes and passages of text quickly and easily and send each in pdf format. The author of the collections of sayings are indicated on the PDF documents. We thank the offers of, Carmen Jakel, Rudolf Preslicka and Nils Römeling, we have selected for our Mother’s Day sayings PDFs their well-stocked sayings collections on the Internet. Who wants to read more quotes and greetings, and use, of course, on other topics and events can visit the specified end of the PDF website and browse further in the local supply.

Mother's Day sayings Download versesMother’s Day sayings PDF as a compendium of the best quotes & Poems. (Picture: editorial)

Literary poems as Mother’s Day Sayings

The Mother’s Day sayings download includes five PDF documents, which are numbered with Muttertagssprüche_1.pdf to Muttertagssprüche_5.pdf. The first two are from and included in a collection exclusively sayings and in the other suitable for the occasion poems. The latter come from well-known names, from Heinrich Heine and Klaus Tucholsky to James Krüss. So if you want to send a very special literary precious Mother’s Day greeting, for example, uses the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe for his mother’s Day card.

Mother's Day sayings Download poemThe most beautiful poems for Mother: (Image: editorial)

Send Funny Mother’s Day greetings via SMS

Significantly shorter the Muttertagssprüche_3.pdf collected by Carmen Jakel and are well suited for a Mother’s Day card. Anyone wishing to send greetings by SMS, will be pleased with the collection Nummero 4, which was compiled by Rudolf Preslicka. An example of this humorous collection: "I’m glad to have you as a mother, for which another woman had endured for so long with me?" In turn, the fifth and final PDF document consists of literary poems for Mother’s Day, dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. These poems son and daughter her mother are sure to give a particularly noble surprise. Those looking for more programs for families to free download, will find in our extensive software catalog.

Mother's Day sayings Download SMSProverbs for sending via SMS or WhatsApp. (Picture: editorial)