Google Play Music Manager

The Google Play Music Manager to load his music up in the personal cloud. The free music service makes the favorite tracks available anywhere. The cloud is on everyone's lips. To the Cloud to load not only photos and documents up and share them with friends. Thanks to the Internet store and the Google Play Music Manager has his music also there everywhere. With the Upload Manager to load up to 20,000 own title in Google's memory and have them always at hand wherever there is an Internet connection. In the cloud existing songs to load and back down. Missing titles can be purchased through the company's own store. The prices for this move on the order of iTunes for Windows. The Google Play Music Manager uploads only those songs from your own hard drive that are not yet present in the large music catalog. This saves time and traffic. In addition to MP3, WMA and AAC Google's music store also supports FLAC and Ogg Vorbis. The Google Play Music Manager and Google Play Google jumps on to the marching band and makes, among other things Amazon Cloud Player competition. The personal music collection is now available at any place available - and that completely free. The Google Play Music Manager can be downloaded from the menu and be installed after logging in.