Grewe Scanner Interface

Grewe Scanner Interface

Of the Grewe Scanner-Interface Download brings a central controller for a variety of tasks around the theme of scanning on the computer. The free helper simplified example, papery copying documents with the help of the desktop printer, but can much more.

Grewe Scanner-Interface Download for high-quality scanning of graphic templates

So the freeware reads documents and converts them without going and additional software from a fax or email. In addition, Grewe Scanner interface makes thanks to the support of modern-feed scanner in a quick scanning and archiving of written documents useful. Since Grewe Scanner-Interface offers resolutions from 72 to 600 dpi, the control center is also suitable for high-quality scanning of printed graphic templates.

Conveniently, the wizard also reads business cards onto their present size, making the subsequent pruning too large scans unnecessary. Grewe Scanner-Interface is also suitable for use in conjunction with large format and duplex scanners. The latter make himself useful especially when archiving of written documents, as double-sided documents are scanned in one go.

Grewe Scanner-Interface Download

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