Windows 8 Firewall Control (Free) extends the Windows Firewall to some sensible controls and statistics. The clean interface also simplifies operation, even contrary to the name under Windows 7 and XP. At the latest Win 7 or use the Windows-internal firewall is not just shines with ease. Here is where Windows 8 Firewall Control and facilitates the adjustment considerably. Per einblendbarem icon in the taskbar, the small control center is always available and are also at the request always about blocked processes. Here, however, the Fire Wall specialist does not stop the operation on how to know the various firewall solutions, but also supplies users with just information. When starting the Windows Firewall Control 8 running programs are immediately blocked only once and must be released manually - but that's very simple and with one click. Also new installation or modification of existing rules designed intuitively and are done with a few clicks. Statistics provide information on the percentage of blocked transactions per application and thus help in tracking down any problems. Windows Firewall Control 8 For the rest, and the IPv6 protocol. The download area is also a pure 64-bit version is in addition to the 32-bit version, but also runs on 64-bit systems with no problems with more power on x64 Windows installations. A portable version does its work without installation and USB flash drives. Practical, clear, intuitive and with German Surface: Windows 8 Firewall Control relieved immediately after starting to work with the Windows rampart under Windows 8.1, but makes you hungry for more. That is there also in the Plus version, but you have to lie a few euros.