Of the download represents the Serienjunkies before a new streaming site for TV series available that promises an alternative to burning Series, KINOX or Movie4k. Overview and handling are well resolved and the selection of TV series already pretty neat. According to the supplier the site is currently under construction and there are new series, adding every day. download as an alternative to Burning Series & Co. has especially the German series Friends in their sights. is very welcome that the user has so far not bothered by pop-ups or banners. Instead, the streaming site is ad-free so far and this should remain so. is available only if at the listed TV series of the corresponding stream, the individual episodes in HD version of open load offered.

Other sources in Stream are Vivo, FLASHX and streaming cloud. In the language of Friends TV series to choose whether they want to view it in German, English or with English subtitles. Download as new streaming site for TV series

Description of the action and list of main characters

To all the TV series, there is a brief description of the action and a list of directors, writers, lead actor and producer. If a sequence should ever be offline, the viewer can report this and the makers immediately take care of claims to it that all the suggested lines streams for spectators are actually available.

No registration needed

Registration is not required for the download. Those who still registers with will receive the following benefits: shoutbox, serial proposals submitted, Mark Series automatically as seen Report downlinks. Download SeriesDescription of the action and a list of directors, writers, lead actor and producer