With the MozBackup the user backs up all its data browser Mozilla Firefox, so it does not download the products when reinstalling all alone again, and passwords to enter new again.

The MozBackup download provides more comfort

Of the Download MozBackup allows users to back up the data of his browser Mozilla Firefox browser. This is especially useful when the user wants to install this browser new or he does get a new computer. The Herunteraden and installation is quick and uncomplicated. Following, however, the user must still select the appropriate language file and install it. Selbige is on that same page to download. After that, the user can start right with the backup copies.

download MozBackup

MozBackup cares about Mozilla products

The helpful tool ensures data from Firefox, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird and other Mozilla programs. Thus, the browser history, and saved passwords from Firefox will be imported as well as e-mails and some of the different settings of Thunderbird. In the processes a practical step-by-step guide helps, which directs the user quickly through the whole process. Also, the tool can easily be used as a simple backup, without the user having the data transferred the same to the new Mozilla Firefox. For these reasons, it concerns with MozBackup to a practical of many tools for data security for free download.

Step-by-step backup of Mozilla products

After installation, de backup tools it can be started the same and a very helpful assistant guides the user through each step. First, the user must decide whether he wants to create a backup, or whether he wants to make data stored in advance again. Once a backup is created, the question of a password-protected backup, after which the user only needs two more times to enter a specially deliberate password appears.

MozBackup Download Password

This he must not forget to later be able to retrieve the stored data. However, it is not a must to provide the with a password. Through this assistance character handling the tools is easy and Inexperienced get along well with him. Also following video shows once again how easy are two processes: