War for the Overworld

Of the War for the Overworld Download will make the hearts of Dungeon Keeper Friends higher. It is a Dungeon Keeper clone from game studio Subterranean games. The title refers to the never realized the third part of the old Bullfrog games "Dungeon Keeper 3: War for the Overworld", Whose copyrights belong to the US publisher Electronic Arts, so be avoided direct references.

funded strategy game via crowdfunding: War for the Overworld Download

The War for the Overworld download is designed for Windows, Mac OS and Linux and other others in the games platform Steam be available. the real-time strategy was inspired, of course, especially of Dungeon Keeper, although the developers call with Overlord and StarCraft more role models for the fan project. This was funded through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Until January 2013 while a total of 211,371 proud British pounds were collected and put into the game project, which will be released in a final version on April 02, 2015.

War for the Overworld Download

Jailer had an underground kingdom

in War for the Overworld The player assumes the role of "Under Lords", a jailer who rules over an underground kingdom. These so-called "Dungeon" He is expanding with countless traps and creatures to fight off invaders. First, the room and duct system is still under construction. Therefore, the player has the opportunity to do some own work and to make the structure and composition of the underworld according to your own wishes functionally to attract a wide variety of monsters.

Quick decisions are needed in the real-time strategy

Since the game takes place in real time, quick decisions are needed. Constantly running from fighting between their own creatures and enemies. The jailer sets his armies not only brute force, but also on magic and tries to stop the numerous Immersive with spells and to support his troops. He's going to do hands full, as the subordinates quickly rebellious when they are not adequately supplied with food, precious metals and entertainment.

War for the Overworld Download Dungeons

War for the Overworld includes an online multiplayer mode

It is after the War for the Overworld download a choice of a campaign, a sandbox mode and an online multiplayer mode. The latter is of course particularly entertaining. The graphics of the game, unfortunately, on the other hand appears out of a hobby room: too dark and blurry. For this, the Dungeon Keeper clone can score content with his self-built dungeon. The fan project was designed in this regard very loving and upon closer inspection many interesting details fall when you explore the premises.

War for the Overworld Download Monster

Difficulty and complexity are not too high

Compared to the first-Perspektike but the whole thing from the air is less advantage. Still, it's fun to build their own cellar infrastructure to attract monsters of all kinds and to give them one on the cap. For additional entertainment and game motivation of the construction of complex systems provides case. Difficulty and complexity are not too high, so that even beginners will despair into the genre is not equal. Another strategy games for free download are available in our extensive games offering.