Graphic Equalizer Studio

Graphic Equalizer Studio

Of the Graphic Equalizer Studio Download brings a sophisticated equalizer on the PC. The program makes sounds visible and ensures crystal clear sound.

Audio editing in real time with the Graphic Equalizer Studio Download

How many audio player in major download service and software from PAS-Products allows the playback of music. Here, the player has not only specialized in playing music titles. After downloading and installing a professional equalizer comes to the computer, which is almost meet all musical challenges.

Graphic Equalizer Studio Download

The technical requirements for the software are a Windows XP operating system and a full-featured sound card. Other connected hardware for music playback is automatically detected by the equalizer. If this is not the case, the setting of each speaker or subwoofer can be adjusted directly in the program.

Graphic Equalizer Studio, feature-rich

Who the Graphic Equalizer Studio runs are downloaded to a computer should already be well versed in the field of sound technology. Both in the user interface as well as the necessary variety of functions placed great emphasis on technical precision and completeness. Users have no experience with audio software of its kind, will be possibly overwhelmed by the many features. however, experienced users are likely to be impressed by the well-designed customization. The equalizer with professionalism claim is particularly suitable for streaming Internet radio stations and DJs with colorful mixed music archives. This is also the audio input of the player who can adapt the voice in real time to the audio level.

Audio Player with Equalizer graphischekm

The heart of the player makes the graphic equalizer. This shows in the 31-band display at the actual frequency response of a piece of music. The presentation of the tapes is done in a 1/3 Octave display. the sound can be analyzed at both the input and output on the correlation display and the peak level display and the RMS level meter.

Graphic Equalizer Studio Download Batch

All fed into the system WAV files are examined for their maximum and minimum amplitude and adjusted to an average level, resulting in a much more pleasant listening experience. All conversions are performed on demand in real time and for no apparent loss of quality. Here, the equalizer is not limited to the simultaneous matching of music. The Batch Restoration Tool MP3 and WAV files of a batch can be subjected. The integrated Compressor, Limiter and Enhancer automatically adjust audio files of different volumes to the average level and save them as MP3 files with a name __EQ_ appendix from. After conversion, all the music files have the same level and have the same dynamic sound. ** Good equalizer for experienced users ** The Graphic Equalizer Studio Download convinced professionals through its precision and the wide range of functions. However, inexperienced users may be unsure of exactly these factors. The good visual representation of frequencies lossless real-time conversion and the ability to batch conversion of audio files complete this audio software.

Limitations of Graphic Equalizer Studio

The trial version is limited to 50 program starts.