Repeat YouTube song: To enable the loop!

Repeat YouTube song: To enable the loop!

who is a Repeat YouTube song wants to not have to wait until the clip is over, but can enable Loop. We reveal where the hidden feature can be found!

You have not even download an MP3 recorder for YouTube: To hear the title you want a music player in a loop, you need just two clicks! And we also tell you how to create its own playlist and turned on his cell phone YouTube in an ideal free music player.

YouTube song repeat in two clicks

When the desired clip is played via YouTube, click with the right mouse button directly into the current playback. It opens a small menu window in which the option is clicked loop and already can repeat the YouTube song – as often as you want. is interrupted the loop function when selecting another track or clicking on the menu bar, the Next button.

Repeat YouTube songrepeat a single song … YouTube

A song is too little?

is who it in the long run too monotonous to be always just repeat a YouTube song that simply can create a playlist of all your favorite songs. That, however, requires an account on YouTube – with all the products of the software giants (including YouTube) can be used so a Google access. After you call a clip on after another. Below the display window and the details Video to find a plus, and the Add option. Here can create your own playlists. To select Create New Playlist from the menu and specify a suitable name for the list. At the same time, you can decide whether the playlist publicly viewable, not listed or to be private, only accessible. If one has its playback filled with clips, you will find these in the main menu under library listed.

YouTube song repeat playlist… or equal to create a playlist.

also use YouTube optimal mobile

Anyone wanting to use YouTube on your phone as a music player must quickly find that the video channel can not be used as a background application. So it can happen that the playback of a clip is broken, just because you want to read an incoming message straight. For this problem, but there is now an excellent solution – at least for those who call an Android device you own. Here, too, no MP3s from YouTube to be downloaded; However, for the free Stream app. Thus one turns his cell phone in a small jukebox that can access all content, YouTube is available – even if you actually chats via WhatsApp or gambles a game. With numerous settings, playlists and even a timer, the app is the perfect tool to legal and free to listen to music.