Can the threema profile picture in the Android smartphone Change?

Can the threema profile picture in the Android smartphone Change?

For the threema profile picture there is no central location at the Messenger service. learn how to profile pictures yet be changed!

Among the messengers, the threema Android has proven application as critical in terms of data security. This is mainly due to high encryption. In addition, the provider does not save personal data on the servers. Unlike many communication services, there is no public profile and therefore no Threema Avatar, which is visible for all users. Nevertheless, users can see the messenger pictures next to their name in their chats.

Where does the threema profile picture from?

As mentioned above, no personal or unencrypted data is stored on the servers threema. All information that can be seen within the communication application derived from its own smartphone. When you install the app, the Contact list on your smartphone synchronized with the information in the app become. In such cases next to their name the image that one has assigned itself the person appears. This synchronization is optional. Threema Avatar making and the appearance of one’s profile is up to the receiver. Even the contact list in group chat looks at each participant different.

Why do some contacts at threema no profile image?

The most important requirement for a threema profile picture is the existence of a corresponding record with an associated image in the Contacts app on your smartphone. If no image has been associated with this entry, no profile image can be generated. In some cases, different contacts are used for the Messenger. For example, a subscriber may be stored, for example with the mobile phone number in the phone book, which is not communicated with the threema ID. These IDs are not tied to cell phone numbers, which can cause problems on contact synchronization. Sometimes different spellings of the name or abbreviation used in the application. Without telephone number and / or email address, the phone can not be assigned properly and the threema profile picture remains empty these entries. If the phone list of smartphones are an entry, the one threema to be associated with contact, they can manually connected to each other information on Android devices become. The function for contacts is performed merge in the appropriate application. Threema profile image link To change your own profile picture in the Messenger app, the information in the I-entry smartphone must be changed. However, this has not affect the personal appearance with other users the communication service.

profile picture at threema can be set differently?

A picture can only be set via the sync with existing contacts on your smartphone. Who does not want to connect with real contacts on his phone, the encrypted data for security purposes, will have to live with a messenger without profile pictures.