CK-Skat Download - that means Skat kloppen for beginners and professionals. The game is played on all channels, whether alone, with friends or simply against players around the world.

CK-Skat download with integrated chat

Beginners is CK-Skat with useful tips to the side, advanced pleased, however, about professional features such as different sets of cards in German and French as well as detailed Statistics. To give the Skatspiel a personal touch to tie players to request a photo in the game and communicate via the integrated chat with the other players. Practical: Can you even a long game not finish, the memory function is available. So Skatspieler put the game just be applicable if it fits better.

CK-Skat looks good, offers practical features for beginners and pros and serviced every conceivable game channels. The integrated chat and memory function round Skat from meaningful. Recommended.

CK-Skat Download

Limitations of CK-Skat

Duration: 30 days, occasional registration reminder