vacation request

vacation request

Of the Vacation request Download facilitates dependent workers applying for work-free days at the competent HR professionals in their operation. Since the application form as an Excel table exists, and the worksheet for human resources responsible filled easily from the computer and without previous expression.

Vacation request Download: Excel-based pre-printed form

Prerequisite for the smooth functioning of the vacation request template in Excel macros enabled. May this do their work in the spreadsheet, the XLS file opens a while simply held, but clear pattern of a leave application. Whom this does not appeal, finds an alternative certainly among the downloads on working time management in our software catalog.

Holiday apply in Excel and on the computer

On frills, the leave application provides download data cells in which the important information is typed in connection with the application for leave. This includes not only name and department of the applicant include the personnel number. Of course, the shareware also covers the period to be taken into the holiday, and the number of resulting in that span holidays.

Vacation request DownloadLeave application download: Excel template for vacation requests of workers (Photo: TOGITECH / Editorial)

Furthermore, with the employees or workers tells whether it is regular recreational, special leave for occasions such as parades, bereavement, and similar or even unpaid leave. If either of the last two to, the Excel document also provides a few lines in which a justification can be written and stored.

Excel form imported signatures

The same applies for a vacation replacement, unless because one exists or is required. Completing the Department of the applicant in the form for the leave application by lines on which date and signature will be accommodated. The latter would then probably be as an image file and imported, if the application is to be completely handled on the screen.

approve or reject holiday on screen

The area reserved for department manager or HR portion of the Excel worksheet starts with the most important information, namely the approval or rejection of the application for leave. The acceptance of the application can be done with optional changes that are executed in corresponding data fields in writing. When turned down requests allotted also the reason can verschriftlichen here. Also this Part by date and signature is completed.

Sleek patterns for vacation requests

At this division and structuring the user, however, does not depend slavishly following the leave application download, because the cells of the Excel spreadsheet can change depending on the need. For this purpose it is necessary to unlock the protection of the document mentioned in Excel sheet protection, so that the fields can be customized.

Leave application download to excel based pattern for vacation requestsPatterns for vacation requests (Picture: TOGITECH / Editorial)

However, this is a password requirement, which of course does not reveal the manufacturer in the trial. However, it is assumed that after payment of the one-mite narrow three Euro password is bundled with the full version of the leave application form and the adaptation of the Excel spreadsheet then nothing stands in the way …

Limitations of leave application

The trial of ten days functional

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