Smileys on Facebook: All Emojis Overview

Smileys on Facebook: All Emojis Overview

who with Facebook Smileys want to spice up messages or postings, be hard to find. We have gathered all emoji in practical overview!

Whether in the browser or by downloading the Facebook app: The whole world shares special events – or what the users of the portal deem just for particularly – on the social network of Mark Zuckerberg. Who wants to make his postings or its Facebook chats colorful, reaches for matching Emoji. In contrast to the usual instant messengers on which there is usually an extra keyboard for the little picture, the solution on Facebook is a little more complicated.

Smileys in Facebook News

The selection of smileys that can be sent via messenger is relatively clear. For this, however, so-called sticker can be loaded and shipped. There is well-known comic and anime characters: from Kung Fu Panda or Angry Birds on the Peanuts and the Minions to SpongeBob and the stars of Pixar Studios. Thematically, the range is quite ago, men Tears can be found as well as matching pictures for Carnival or friendship sticker. The stickers are all free and can be added directly to the Facebook account and sent after a message.

Facebook SmileysSicker and smileys on Facebook.

spice posts

Who wants to decorate his postings with the smiley faces on Facebook, can access a wider choice. However, the individual emoji can be found not so good, how it is used, for example, from the keyboard at WhatsApp. To access the emoji, the greyed out smiley icon must be clicked in the bottom of the posting window. This opens a drop-down menu with various sections such as feeling, looking, reading, drinking, eating, etc. These categories are assigned to appropriate Emojis the various activities. However, it can also create your own constellations. For this, a new concept can easily be entered into the search box. Click Following the automatically assigned Smiley and it opens a list with other emoji. Now simply select the appropriate picture and you have an individual status with matching Smiley.

Smileys with the right combination of characters

A certain number of smileys can be created by entering a character sequence. The table shows the combinations that recognizes Facebook and then converts it to the appropriate icon. the selection rather poor – however – similar to Facebook Messenger.

Facebook smileys with the right combination of charactersWith the right string these smileys post on Facebook.

Facebook Smileys at a glance

The smileys know the users of WhatsApp and Co. are selected by the Unicode Consortium. There are now officially more than 1,500 of the colorful little pictures, of which Facebook only supported about a quarter. And here they are in the overview:

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On the website the smileys can just copy and paste it into Facebook.