TuxGuitar is a free note editor and player for guitarists. In addition to the classical notation view, the software displays so-called tabs. Also on board is also a MIDI output, with which one can play the compositions entered. Whether musician or not, the result you get from TuxGuitar out by all means. So we playfully learn how to deal with notes, or even the strings of Girarre. Namely the same becomes displayed on request, and it sets the desired notes directly on the shoulder of the guitar neck. Here you can hear it directly, if something is a note next to it. Professionals rely here probably more times just a few notes on the score sheet. TuxGuitar adapts to either hand, supports multiple tracks that can be played simultaneously sets chords and can simulate different Sieltechniken of from Hammer to Grace, vibrato and staccato. The integrated metronome sets the pace and lyrics supported TuxGuitar too. Which are then displayed appropriately to the current position in the song. The results exported TuxGuitar in all sorts of custom formats and as a MusicXML or MIDI file. Thus, the composition can be applied to other music production systems. Thanks to the open standard MIDI guitar need not remain a guitar, maybe she's already tomorrow morning a trumpet .. TuxGuitar is not breathtaking fun program. For this, the guitar is faithfully represented, and there are simulated the necessary playing techniques. To learn about the guitar perfectly. But even professionals will appreciate the program, thanks to its ease of use with great features.