Air Berlin app 2023

Air Berlin app

book flights, check in, get departure times – this and much more can be free with the Air Berlin app hire. Users can save the Flight App their boarding pass directly on the smartphone. Users of the app can board down this way without paper printouts.

In the download catalog free programs from the field trip are plenty available for download. The spectrum is taken relatively wide. It ranges from free route planners, continues with software programs and mobile app for weather forecasting and ending with all sorts of special software, which is helpful when traveling or in the preparation or follow-up.

Also flight booking possible with the Air Berlin app

After Air Berlin app downloaded and installed on the smartphone, the user has access to a well-arranged home. Below the aircraft photo is the most important AirBerlin products for customers, including the check-in link, the link to their own flights ( “My Flights”), an overview of the arrivals and departures. Also, the link to book a flight is found on the home page of the Air Berlin app. Using the menu button in the upper left, you also come to the undersides and check-in, departure times, etc.

Air Berlin app

Paperless and easy: check-in with Air Berlin app

Check-in with Air Berlin app, first select the menu item “CHECK-IN”. On the next page you can enter the name and booking reference then to check in. Much travelers have under the menu item “My Flights” their current flights always clearly in view. Through the “Past flights” can also be retrospectively air travel ads. New flights can “add Booked flight” with using the red button.

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Booking a flight with Air Berlin Android

Much like on the website does the flight booking with Air Berlin app. In the upper input fields you wear a departure and destination. Then you select the date. Via the item “Arrivals and Departures” to view the flight times between two destinations.