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Of the MODupRemover download scoured the Outlook Inbox for duplicate emails. The freeware supports Microsoft's email program from version 2000th

remove email duplicates per MODupRemover Download

The program name is the MODupRemover Abkürzüng of "Microsoft Outlook Duplicate Remover", The software for finding and deleting duplicate emails in Outlook 2000 and 2010 checked either single or equal to all the folders a mail account. Once complete, the Beagle creates a list of the deletion candidate. The user, it is then left to delete the duplicates or move to other directories.

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Several recognition features are used

Here, use the MS Outlook duplicates scanner as an identifying mail address and name of the sender and the recipient, as well as the subject and the date of dispatch of the emails. The user can decide after the search, which duplicate mails should really be deleted.

MODupRemover they can easily use

The operation of the freeware tools is quite simple. After starting the program, the user clicks the button "Start search for duplicate emails" and then choose the profile in which the search is to take place after duplicate emails. Unless you only have a single profile in Outlook, this is automatically selected. Now the user marks the folders that should be considered for review. The buttons All and None a complete education or deselecting the Outlook folder done. A click Next, and then click Start starts the actual scanning. This may take some time for large mail archives. While the tool works, it shows how many e-mails are a total ransacked.

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Report of the deletion is saved as a text file

After the Outlook scan was completed, is to see a list of doppelganger found. Unread messages are bold compared to the corresponding read duplicate than to delete e-mail and automatically selected. Who option "Move deleted items in the Deleted Items folder" selects ensures that messages arrive before permanently deleting the Outlook trash. The Delete button initiates after a security check, a deletion of the selected e-mails. In the final step, the user gets an overview of the found and deleted e-mails. This report is also written in the program folder in the text file MODup-Log.txt and can also be viewed later with any text editor.

MODupRemover Freeware is no longer being developed

With MODupRemover to get a breeze duplicate emails in Outlook on the track. All in all, a practical tool in the fight against redundant messages in the mailbox. However, the freeware version is no longer supported by the manufacturer. Therefore MODupRemover is additional MODupRemover 3.20 to download, accessing, inter alia, to the iCloud. Other e-mail tools provides our rich software offering for free download. Searching and deleting duplicates mail The download is in MODupRemover Search for duplicate emails assist in Outlook 2000 by 2010. This has the great advantage that the user no longer has to manually check for doubles in his emails. The freeware ransacked all mail folders for duplicates, comparing and messages in different folders.