Fix-It Utilities

The Fix-It Utilities offer a universal maintenance tool for Windows PCs. Helpful wizards while cleaning, protecting, repairing and optimizing aside. A built-in security component protects against viruses and spyware.

System maintenance and repair with the Fix-It Utilities Download

Fix-It Utilities recognize potential problems on the computer optimizes computer performance and monitored the system resources. Built-in wizards make the toolbox for non-experts easy to use. When it comes to system maintenance and optimization of a variety of Windows settings and a registry module to repair and optimize the Windows registry are ready. In the Diagnostics Division, however, users monitor system resources. Here warns an automatic check against shortages.

Protection against pests and Spyware

The component included in the Professional or Platinum version "Anti-Virus & Anti-spyware" protects the computer beyond reliably against current security threats. Moreover, the two make "great" Versions also on external drives recover information. The anti-virus and anti-spyware engine provides increased protection of PCs against pests and provides the current version an automatic testing of removable drives as well as a check of the extensions in Firefox.

Fix-It Utilities Download

The Fix-It Utilities fix PC problems of all kinds

Who is annoyed about system crashes and a more slowly nascent system leads to the Fix-It Utilities Download comprehensive diagnostic tests and fixes PC problems that are often caused by incorrect settings, clutter and fragmentation, but also simply by everyday use. The tuning tool analyzing services, processes, and programs from Windows to determine the causes of the lack of power. The user can follow the recommendations and make a deactivation processes that unnecessarily tie up system resources.

Rapid repair of errors in the registry

With the integrated registry fixer can be fix registry problems. The registry tool provides detailed explanations and understandable information. Optionally, a complete repair are commissioned or there is a manual selection of the problems to be addressed. Useful is also the program optimization, this accelerates and optimizes the most frequently used applications and games.

Fix-It Utilities Download Registry

delete the Fix-It Utilities garbage and feel duplicates

After the Fix-It Utilities download are other useful tools like the easy recovery of deleted files and data on hard drives, USB drives, flash drives and memory cards, as well as the search for duplicates and garbage on your own computer. The user can get a visual Overview of the assignment of the hard drives procure and identify the most significant and the double present files from a list. Who wants to detoxify the system also clears the browsing and download history, cache from Internet browsing and deletes Internet cookies. Universal tool for Windows systems with elaborate concept Prepared for the worst-case scenario: Fix-It prepared upon request a rescue disk for system recovery. So the computer starts and leads Fix-It Utilities from, even if no Windows startup is possible. Fix-It Utilities score as compared to other Windows tuners with a round-conceived concept and a user-friendly operation.