Slender ensures horror attacks front of the monitor. In this free horror suspense game you go to a Steifzug through a dark forest, where the so-called Slender Man lurking on his next victim. The story of Slender is quickly told. Looking for eight missing pages of a manuscript is combed a forest at night, armed only with a flashlight. In the forest but also the mysterious Slender Man is on the loose. Before Slender Man only escape helps. Who watches the creature with long arms too long in the face, for which there is no escape. The story is reminiscent of the movie Blair Witch Project, while the 3D graphics and the flashlights view moves at the level of Doom third Slender scores with appealing 3D graphics, eerie sound effects and high density playful. Those who enter the forest and wanders in small cone of the flashlight, quickly falls under the spell of horror games. Who can not harm brief panic attacks and scary mood before the screen is well served here.