The Mentalist Stream: All seasons online to see!

The Mentalist Stream: All seasons online to see!

At the The Mentalist Stream almost everything revolves around an investigator with extraordinary abilities. We show where there is to see The Mentalist online and whether The Mentalist is available at Netflix via Netflix app as well as on Amazon and max cathedrals. More on this below!

The Mentalist The stream shows the solve mysterious murder cases

At the center of The Mentalist, the charismatic former TV show star Patrick Jane is (Simon Baker). It supports after a family tragedy, with its seemingly supernatural abilities the investigation of a special unit to Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney). His startling observation and its combination skills will help a team of the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in solving murder mysteries. The US crime series by Bruno Heller was produced 2008-2015 Primrose Hill Productions and Warner Bros. Television for CBS.

The Mentalist StreamThe Mentalist Stream: On the hunt for the killer Red John

Wedding with her colleague in the final of The Mentalist Season 7

With its special skills perceptual psychology succeeds Patrick Jane, to see through both victims and perpetrators and help solve complex murder cases. His own motivation is, above all, with the hunt for "Red John" one day to convict the murderer of his wife and child. He hopes to push in investigating murder cases on a track of the hated killer. The mysterious cases he solves quite unconventional methods and a remarkable observation. Unlike his previous show-life, however, he no longer claimed to have psychic abilities.

In The Mentalist Season 6 finally succeeds Jane, to unmask the serial killer Red John and kill. In the following years he must hide from the FBI before finally working again after a deal together with Teresa Lisbon, he even marries in The Mentalist Season 7th In the final of The Mentalist Season 7 he learns after his marriage to Jane that she is expecting his child.

A The Mentalist Season 8 will probably no longer exist.

In the US, The Mentalist Season 1 was very successful in 2008/2009, so that every year more seasons have been commissioned. In Germany Sat.1 secured the rights for the first season, which ran from March to August of 2009. The Mentalist Season The 2 to 5 followed in the years 2010 to 2013. The Mentalist Season 6 was initially the pay TV channels Sat.1 emotions before they ran well on free TV with satellite 1, as well as The Mentalist Season 7 April-July 2015. A the Mentalist Season 8 was several times in conversation, however, it is expected to be no more.

The Mentalist on Netflix with all 7 seasons

If you missed the entertaining series on free TV, the exciting TV series can watch online in The Mentalist stream. The proud owner of a movie flat rate be happy to know that The Mentalist is available on Netflix with all seven seasons and all 151 episodes. Even with max cathedrals least some squadrons are to be had. For Purchase of The Mentalist stream also can be purchased from Amazon Video, Video Load and iTunes.