Unlock congstar: How & for so long dauert's 2023

Unlock congstar: How & for so long dauert’s

Who has opted for a collective at the Telekom subsidiary, must first in the SIM card congstar unlock. How to do it and what it is to be noted out here!

The mobile and internet tariffs congstar brand are to have both with and without contract. Who has opted for a collective at the subsidiary of Telekom can manage these easily accessible by downloading the app meincongstar. Make it but at all is something to manage, users must first activate the SIM card.

congstar unlockUnlock congstar works with a few clicks

Unlock SIM card congstar: So it’ll work

Before you can activate his SIM card, of course previously one of the tariffs at congstar must have booked. Whether prepaid plan or an offer with contract period – who has opted for a deal, gets all the credentials and the SIM card in the terminal. Did you order the package online, it takes a few days until you can start. Who has the prepaid card concerned in the trade, of course you can get started right away, because he considers the package already in his hands. The user procedure is followed as follows:

  • Before you can unlock congstar, you first of all the SIM card in the device must insert. Here you should make sure that you bring the map to the right format.
  • After the user goes to the congstar website. Here you open the home page and then navigates to enable to map the menu bar of prepaid and services. Alternatively, you can just open this page.
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congstar via emailHere number and PUK are entered to unlock the SIM congstar

  • There are two fields are displayed, which must fill the user. Both mobile phone number and PUK, you can see his starter pack. The PUK is hiding behind a surface that must first be scratched.
  • In the next step of the online activation personal data of the user must be entered or checked against. If the data is correct, the user clicks Submit. Thus, the process by which you can unlock congstar completed.
  • Usually it takes a few minutes will be made until the cut-off and the user can use his smartphone and can be reached. Under certain circumstances the device for recognizing the prepaid card must be restarted again.

Exceptions to unlock

Users who switch from another provider to congstar and want to take their number to sit back and wait for casual. So is not necessary when porting the mobile phone number that you have to activate the prepaid card at congstar. The activation is done automatically at the Portierungstag, so if the contract at the end a provider and the tariff starts at congstar. The user is informed about this date.

Problems unlock the SIM card

If the above process does not work and an error message such as SIM will be displayed not available, one should in any case apply to the support. This can be done either online via the chat function on the congstar page. This is open Monday to Friday 8:00 to 22:00. You can also send an email through the contact form or you call the hotline on this number: 01806 32 44 44. For landline call costs 20 cents, 60 cents over the air.

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