Of the Download ZW3D provides a first-class CAD program (computer aided design program) is available, which allows users create a wide variety of components and can animate. This puts the program both to the CAD and CAM programs.

The download of ZW3D guaranteed assistance in the production of components

With a ZW3D Download the user creates concrete and three-dimensional building models. To create the various components, it Various drawing tools available. It is also possible in this case import existing plans and then edit them with the tools provided by the tool. In addition to the standard formats DWF and DWG read the shareware and STEP, VDA and several others.

The realization of the models with a CNC interface by ZW3D

In addition to the creation of different workpieces, users can implement this with a CNC control (Computerized numercial logic controller) into reality. Furthermore, there are different commands for the speed or the influence of feed. In addition, round programmbierbare milling strategies from the full version of the software. Thus ZW3D one of the CAM programs, computer-aided manufacturing programs.

Large-scale user of the CAD program

The download of ZW3D and its subsequent installation to take some time and require some manual clicks, and a registration link. Through the download button takes the user immediately to the registration form of the manufacturer.

ZW3D download

The menu and toolbar are located at the top of the user interface and are very structured lists, but the layout is a bit confusing because there are so many buttons that perform various functions. One more word about handling: As with most CAD programs for free download is in the hands of experienced users a valuable tool for production and especially planning of workpieces. More information on returns the following video:

However, for beginners, it is not quite as good - that the application is too complex. An all-round tool in terms of components and animation By a download ZW3D the user a CAD and CAM program at the same time, which can be used as a CNC controller. there are quite useful if the import function of various plans and supporting various formats. Experienced users will have their great joy at the trial, which is free for 30 days valid. Easy to operate for experts to use and with a variety of functions in a single click, to downloading this CAD program pays for all engineers and mechanics.

Limitations of ZW3D

30 day trial

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