WinSent Messenger 2.6.37

With WinSent Messenger users send messages within the LAN. The shareware works with standardized intelligence services WinPopup and Windows NT Messenger Service. User Chat thanks WinSent even without an Internet connection. WinSent Messenger sends instant messages over the known protocols, including TCP / IP, IPX / SPX and NetBEUI. Although the user interface as the classic WinPopup is built WinSent has been improved in many ways. For new messages it uses a notification in the tray. The taskbar remains free for important things. Furthermore, to configure the sounds that are played on certain events and defining hot keys. Who the way through the local LAN is in communication, should take a look at WinSent Messenger. The chatter has been specially tailored to the needs of small networks. In operation it impresses with low resource consumption.

Limitations of WinSent Messenger 2.6.37

The trial version runs 30 days.