Current 1 & 1 Report faults and watch

Where can I get at 1&1 faults useful tips and information on the annoying failures? This is a question many 1&1 customer when suddenly occur or problems on the pipeline network make the line inoperable maintenance. It pays to load AlleStörungen in this case. This online service combines all the messages in terms of 1&1 and presents accurate analyzes of the current network quality in real time. click here to read how users can report the 1und1 disorders and watch!

1&1 Report faults and check the actual failures

The ISP 1&1 Internet SE is based in Montabaur and has become known for its web hosting and DSL products. Meanwhile, the company is part of the United Internet Group and acts as a complete provider of telephone, wireless and Internet connections in Germany.

As with other vendors faults and failures remain, unfortunately, is not enough. Anyone can no longer access his Internet connection or Web phone needs useful information to better estimate how long it will take probably until the 1&1 faults have been rectified and the services work properly again.

1 & amp; 1 FaultsWhat to do with one&1 malfunctions and failures?

in 1&1 Control Panel defaults to 1&Report 1 failure point

The DSL faults can be in one&See 1 Control Panel. In case of a continuous failure, the user can it to the 1&Report 1 failure point. After he has been a failure, the user can check the status of filtering at any time. To report a problem online, log in to the 1&1 customer in 1&1 Control Panel, clicks in the Dialogue Center to help with DSL interference and follow the wizard. Alternatively, the 1&1 Control Panel app be used in case of failure to directly to the 1&to get one customer contact and to report problems.

1 & amp; 1 Faults Control CenterDSL disturbance in one&1 Control Panel fix, report and see

Real-time analysis to date of reported 1&1 defaults

As a first point at a 1und1 disturbance, the Web App AlleStörungen offers. This shows interesting real-time analysis to date of reported failures in the areas of Internet, mobile and telephone. The user can at this point also own one&1 Report faults and interact with fellow sufferers. Other users comments provide valuable information about the nature and duration of 1und1 failures or maintenance work in certain regions.

1 & amp; AlleStörungen 1 FaultsThe WebApp shows the frequency of 1&1 disturbances in the past 24 hours.

Overview of the frequency of errors in the last 24 hours

A chart shows an excellent overview of the frequency of disturbances in the past 24 hours. Moreover, the Web app reveals which cities the most serious problems. From the information can also be seen that disturbances have now been resolved back to happiness. A live clutter map also presents a good overview of the places of major failures or maintenance cities and regions.