Score! Hero

Score! Hero

Game developers First Touch Games has with the free Score! Hero Android Game the successor to the popular score! World Goals published. The missing licenses detract from the gameplay thanks to more than 200 levels, successful graphics, versatile player adjustments and a laudable control the gate of shooting in any way.

Score! Hero Android: Football Simulation enthusiastic fan base

The development studio First Touch Games is known for its sports apps, especially in the field of football. In the past, the company with game apps like score could! Get World Goals and First Touch Soccer great success and gather a enthusiastic following behind. Also, the latest addition has reached a few days in the stores the top spots of downloads. After initially an iOS version was available, now Android users get their money.

Score! Hero AndroidScore! Hero Android is looking for motivated footballers

The here offered free download of the score! Hero app for Android devices from version 4.0 and above suitable. The app offers in-app purchases, where you have to say at this point that the freemium model has been solved really decent in this app.

Digital Football Fun in the score! Hero App

With the Android app, the user receives no manager game, but a pure simulation. This is in essence about playing: score goals, corner kicks, penalty, passes play, etc. After downloading the user first selects his players. This is due to lack of licenses therefore without player names, but you can miss any name him. With this players, gamers can now gamble by around 200 levels.

Gameplay in the Android football simulation

Using simple swipe gestures can thus reach or among other goals through a targeted kick play clever free-kicks with a swerve. The game of Score! Hero Android is designed turn-based, so that after an action of the player is always followed by an automatic game play or a break. In this way you have time to get his players in motion and lead to a desired location. Moreover, one should always have an eye on where the players are to produce, for example, not offside.

Score! Hero Android OptionsPlayer can score! Hero be customized according to requirements

Player options and energy system

The user also has the ability to make his players after their own ideas. So you can adjust so next to the name and player number, shoes, appearance. is for cash – the bills you earn in the game. (Alternatively via in-app purchase). For the rest, botched moves can be undone with the bills.

but the freemium model is fair compared to many other football downloads and apps. Thus, the energy system five lives of four trials are available. In order to get relatively far if you do not messed up each shot.