At the Create roster Download says the program name for itself. With the freeware users plan the working hours of any number of employees based on Excel.

Create roster to download for Excel Users

Create this task completed roster with little visual or technical frills, but with deliberation. In addition to the working hours it is defined here, which tasks devoting themselves to individual employees. A number of service providers or club members are assigned in the Excel spreadsheet tasks so that all parties are equally loaded, if possible. Can be taken into account that not every service is suitable for every task and every is not available on all dates.

Create roster Download

Enter basic data and set restrictions

For working with the Excel tool you need to create the roster Download activated macros. Without this activation, the freeware can not use meaningful. To create a roster, first the basic data to be entered and, where appropriate, the necessary restrictions.

assign suitability and availability

The user then determines the period and names the week days to be scheduled for each work. In the next step suitable and available to be assigned. Because usually not all service providers have the same qualifications, can be those specifically exclude services for which they are not suitable.

The roster distributes the tasks and operating times equally

Similarly, the scheduling availability of the service can be restricted. All information that is required to create the roster, are now completed and the final roster can be generated. The user receives a clear list, which identifies the number of operations of the service providers and people involved. The roster distributes the services it as fair as possible. Who was on vacation, for example, at certain times, is it used elsewhere reinforced so that the parties finally possible have the same number of bets and work. For further programs concerning "working hours" You will find in our software catalog for free download.

Create roster download distribution

Create rosters with fair labor distribution

Just for the unpaid normally Services of sports clubs and other non-profit organizations, the roster is create excellent download. With little effort, the tasks and services are distributed fairly and considers the individual skills and absences.