Omegon Fluid Technology

Omegon Fluid Technology

With the shareware Omegon Fluid Technology of the user records first and then simulated in Connection diagrams from various technical fields. For this, the program comes with a German user interface and a large object library on the computer.

The Omegon Fluid Technology Download technical character plans

after a Download Omegon Fluid Technology the user is in possession of a CAD program, a computer aided design program that enables him to technical drawings in the following areas:

  • Grafcet
  • Pneumatics
  • logic
  • hydraulics and
  • Electrical

to create. Included in the package is the tool Documents on education and training, which means that it provides teaching material which tasks and provides solutions to certain technical issues. So the tool provides additional suggestions for learning.

Production of technical diagrams with Omegon Fluid Technology

The Preparation of technical schematics done through the extensive object library, which provides different components available. This will drag & Drop drawn into the drawing surface. But the tool also helps users to create their own elements. For this he is an assistant to the side.

Omegon Fluid Technology Download

Following the drawing shareware simulates the circuit and thus created checks it for its functionality. This feature is especially important for engineers and those who want to become. If the feasibility of drawing Once detected, the user can bring the circuits even on paper – also with company logo and additional notes.

Usability and look of the great CAD program

The useful Omegon Fluid Technology offers the user a wonderfully tidy and beautiful user interface with a German menu and intuitive drag & drop technology for the creation of own schematics. This should ensure that even not so experienced users are comfortable with the tool and will soon be able to draw himself schematics. Compared to other CAD software for free download the Omegon Fluid Technology has the fine line between usability and professionalism therefore very practical and simple solution.

Omegon Fluid Technology Download drawing surface

Limitations of Omegon Fluid Technology

30 days trial version End the session after 30 minutes. Print and save functions are disabled. On request from the manufacturer full 30-day trial.