WhatsAppMD for Android

The WhatsAppMD Android Application is an unofficial version of the popular Messengers, which is based on a new design. The magic word is: Material Design. Who has become tired of the somewhat antiquated design of the original, can download the free APK here.

WhatsAppMD Android Application: The modern Messenger

The supply of messengers & VoIP is huge - and growing. Despite many reviews WhatsApp still among the most popular of its kind For those, however, who from the not-so-modern layout of the original Messengers enough and sometimes require a digital change of scenery, there is the solution here. The free WhatsAppMD Android application , This is as with the Plus version at an unofficial version of WhatsApp. It was developed by the Mexican Joaquin Cuitiño. The special feature of the Android app, as the name already hinted that style. Thus the Messenger in the new "Material Design" developed, hence the abbreviation MD.

WhatsAppMD Android

Download and install the Android send Messengers

WhatsAppMD for Android is available from the developer Joaquin Cuitiño in two versions. On the one hand as an S version with stock emoji, and on the other as G variant with Google Emojis. The latter form is available with us for free download. The app will be compatible with all Android versions. The current Version2.1.0 is a clone of the original version 2.11.481. The offshoot therefore always based on the latest version of WhatsApp. Anyone who wants to install APK application on his Android device must first remove the original from the smartphone. Users should keep strictly to a backup of your Messenger data in this case.

WhatsAppMD Android Google Emojis

Messenger with a new look thanks WhatsAppMD

As already indicated, this variant does not differ with respect to its functions from the original. The focus is very clear in the presentation of the Messenger client that now shines with WhatsAppMD Android app whole new sheen. Completely enveloped in the new "Material Design" Layout fall many changes immediately apparent. One of the most important new elements include the large round symbols in the lower right corner. A new broadcast to start a new group or a new conversation, one of the buttons can be used. In addition comes the Icon of the application in the MD-Look therefore.

WhatsAppMD Android Look

This makes the design language material design from

Material Design is the new Android interface and was introduced in the past year by Google as a new design language. It is to be implemented in all products and devices from Google. it should also work on all devices and screen sizes alike, enabling a more pleasant and beautiful use for all. The design language while following three rules: First, it is based on natural materials. The plastic mindset the Z axis comes into play. In addition, great emphasis is placed on color accents to provide intuitive operation. In addition, forms are real, be implemented as animations with meaning. New design provides even more chat fun By installing the app WhatsAppMD the Messenger gets a modern and distinctly upbeat dress imposed. Who wants to chat on the new material design, free APK should download and install on your Android. The only condition: Clear Forecast WhatsApp.