The Pokiimap app makes tracking down and catch the little monsters a breeze. However, users at risk of blocking by Niantic, who developed the Pokémon GO app.

track targeted hideouts with Pokiimap app

After installing the app, a map shows exactly au where to stay that Pokémon. Thus the hunt for rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO is much easier and more successful. Even though has strongly touched up here since the last update of the Games Niantic that Pokiimap app offers another advantage: the pocket monsters can be automatically captured. In addition, the radius of the displayed area can be enlarged or reduced and targeted search for specific Pokémon.

Pokiimap app

Registration in the app

To use the tool, you GO account must register with a previously registered Pokémon. There are two alternatives, either the Google Play account or with a coach-account for which you can register on the official Pokémon site of Nintendo. Could just be entering a valid e-mail address, date of birth, as well as a user name and password is necessary. In connection still the Terms of Use must be accepted and you're officially a coach. Click here for registration. - Furthermore, users who play with the idea to use the app, open a new account definitely should. Although there has been only Softbans of up to an hour, but it seems likely that this was due to the basic initial difficulties at the start of the app and action is taken here in the future more stringent.

Installing the APK Pokiimap

The Pokiimap app is available as APK for download. APK is the Android application package and is the common format for apps on this operating system. This also applications beyond Goolge Play Store can be installed, but this function is inhibited in the factory settings of most mobile devices for safety reasons. If you want to install an APK that option must be allowed to install apps from unknown sources / unknown origin on your smartphone or tablet therefore beforehand. Usually you find these hidden under the Security menu. Afterwards, APK files can easily download, open it and save. However, it should only be downloaded APK from reliable sources and installed, as well as always the risk associated with the download that users be captured viruses or Trojans.