With the AnyTrans download get users a powerful media manager for vessels of the house Apple. To the rich feature set of the Shareware MediaExport between devices and iCloud, iOS jailbreak Content Manager and Alternative belong.

manage iOS devices via the AnyTrans Download

The software can be installed on computers that are running Windows XP to Windows 10 after download. In addition, the iTunes program must be installed on a PC, since the shareware offered here just makes this data interface advantage. If these conditions are met, iPhone, iPad and iPod can be easily managed from your computer. Compared to other communication software in the major download service allows AnyTrans Access to Apple devices without jailbreak.

Syndicate images, videos, music or apps with AnyTrans

Navigating the program is quite similar to the in-house media manager of Apple, but offers a variety of advanced features.

AnyTrans download

This is particularly evident in the optimized video playback. With the AnyTrans download all popular video formats are converted so that they can be played on iGeräten. Here is a Optimize audio and video quality for the Retina Display carried out. All this takes place automatically in the background, the user only has to select the desired files and move with drag-and-drop. The Music Management is equipped with an instant search and an intuitive preview window and facilitates the targeted adjustment of audio files enormous. The highlight: music collections can be transferred directly between two mobile Apple devices not only between iOS device and computer, but. Of the iPod music transfer takes place without lengthy synchronization and allows cloning, modifying and creating playlists without the risk that the original song will be deleted from the music library.

Communications software and iPhone manager in a

While many of the above function represent an advanced alternative to the widespread media program from Apple, the built-in app and iPhone Manager allows a completely new access to the contents of mobile iGeräte. The direct access to the data of applications is severely limited in the iOS operating system without jailbreak. This impairment is bypassed by AnyTrans download.

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Successful data manager for iPhone, iPad & Co.

After installation, you can easily access from the computer to all files of the mobile device. You set them up store content apps as backup copies and edit. Backups of messages and voicemails can also be created. New in this update are the Clone function and the data merge. Various other media managers to free download, our versatile software catalog.

Limitations of AnyTrans

The trial version only transmits 100 files.

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