Magikarp Jump: develop Gyarados?

Magikarp Jump: develop Gyarados?

In the mobile game Magikarp Jump is the fish the big star – here he can develop into a particularly strong monsters actually. Like being at Magikarp Gyarados Jump can get, we asked ourselves – and give you the answer!

Magikarp Gyarados JumpYes, you can get in Magikarp Gyarados Jump – it just needs a little trick. (Image: screenshot The Pokémon Company / Editorial)

find Magikarp Gyarados Jump is possible!

From weak to extremely strong Platschefisch Water Dragon: In the Pokémon world, it is so that the actually quite weak Magikarp eventually become the mighty Gyarados.

In the Pokémon Magikarp Jump app it is not your task to fight with your Karpadors other Pokémon, but to compete against other koi fish in the high jump. For this it is important to develop your monster as far as possible to make it KP – in this case, jump points – gets. Here your Karpadors from generation to generation will achieve stronger and can level up.

In the regular world of pocket monsters Karpados transformed transformed upon reaching level 20 in the mighty Gyarados. And in Magikarp jump that is the case – but you will prevented.

Magikarp Gyarados Jump DevelopmentThe development runs as usual at level 20. (Picture: Screenshots The Pokémon Company / Editorial)

Destroy the Eternal Stone

Each of you caught and trained Magikarp comes namely accompanied by an everlasting stone. You can find this menu in your inventory – it is there beside Tire Co. and if your mood suppressed happened … nothing. Maybe you have you so been wondering what the thing actually lost inventory.

The eternal stone has a very simple task: It keeps your Magikarp in fish form, even beyond Level 20. It is true that thus destroy before the fish can transform into the dragon – so long as your Magikarp is under Level 20th It works like this:

  • You go back into your aquarium and so long taps on your fish until you gain the message that the stone is broken.

Once your fish now reached level 20, he evolves into Gyarados.

Magikarp Gyarados Jump Eternal StoneAfter you destroy the eternal stone and you brought in your level 20 Magikarp, the development starts. (Picture: Screenshots The Pokémon Company / Editorial)

Is it worth it Gyarados?

What does the point of constructing at Magikarp Gyarados Jump? Well actually no more than a successfully completed event in the archive. Fact: Gyarados will certainly not sit in your aquarium. Once it has developed, it runs away and your Magikarp accordingly gone, leaving pending a change of generation. Then it’s quick fishing a new fishes and train. not receive a bonus to the next generation of your so but unfortunately also.

So it is not worthwhile to sacrifice a Magikarp that is beyond level 20 and particularly strong already. therefore, our tip: Can reach Once your Karpadors Level 20, developed the first Magikarp that you begin having no special skills. Then you have the event in the archive “completed” as listed and you can happily concentrate on your fish Züchtertum again.