Need for Speed ​​Rivals

It is the racing game par excellence: Need for Speed, which translates roughly as much as is craving for speed. Since the mid-nineties is an integer of successors and sequels at the start. Rivals is the latest coup. After this Need for Speed ​​Rivals Download the player can choose between two roles, that of the racer and the unknown cops. The title of the 20th part of the Need for Speed ​​series refers to the rivalry of the two main characters, so the racers Zephyr on the one hand and an unknown police officers on the other side. Both roles of gamers can take claim for themselves and try their preferences according to the Need for Speed ​​Rivals download.

Need for Speed ​​Rivals Download

Need for Speed ​​Rivals Download with engaging storyline

Need for Speed ​​Rivals is just like the 19 previous versions, to a large extent a classic racing game fun. Those who can not get enough of it, nor be found here more racing games for free to download. After the Need for Speed ​​Rivals download is available to the user but even more to pay than a simple racing game, because Rivals is packaged in an appealing storyline.

Need for Speed ​​Rivals Download Racing

Street Racer Zephyr depends cops into NFS

As a racing driver, you take on the role of the experienced street racers Zephyr, which makes the cops behind. However, as the well-known under the name F-8 Street Racer begins to destroy other racers, it dawns Zephyr that this is a cop. Under the Mission "In wolf's clothing" He breaks into the police depot one, stole a sports car and sprayed him with his trademark. He then begins to destroy cops and VRT units.

As a cop on the other hand you must first as a patrolman on the go. But when the police violence increases and the actions of street racers are always risky, the mayor decides to defense measures.

Again, numerous sports car on offer

Just as you would expect from NFS titles from the past, users are numerous luge available, ranging from Jaguar CX75 and Jaguar XJ220 about Ferrari and Lamborghini to Porsche, as well as various models of Audi, BMW, Mazda, Subaru, Pagani , Chevrolet, Ford and many more are plenty of hot sports cars in NFS Rivals again.

Need for Speed ​​Rivals Download Screenshot

Racing game with thunderous exhaust pipes and hot rod Fans of computer racing driving game will have their bright joy after Need for Speed ​​Rivals download. The game is easy to use and you have to not only read for hours in complicated rules. Good racing game fun, which is never boring.